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Aliter Corporation is a fully licensed Realty Company in Costa Rica that offers clients from within Costa Rica and abroad the best properties and services, with a focus on value buys. Aliter Corporation prides itself on its customer service, whereby we represent our client's best interests from initial viewing to closing. After initial contact, we try to find the properties to suit the needs of the client with type of property or rental, size, location and price being a major factor incorporated into the equation. We work for our clients, by negotiating the best deals possible, utilizing our 20 years of realty expertise cultivated in the United States.

Costa Rican real estate law is a continuous educational process for the consumer as well as the staff of Aliter. We have assembled a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to servicing the needs of both the buyers and sellers that we represent. Our team is comprised of a sales staff that is knowledgeable in both USA and Costa Rican Estate law. Our marketing team focus is to support our sellers, by constantly developing new ways to distribute information about the properties we represent. Our administration staff integrates all the information and helps to assist our buyers with whatever needs they may have.

Aliter Corporation offers relocation services, and we will assist with all facets of the transition thus enabling a move to Costa Rica be as smooth as possible. Whether you require information about schools, utilities, cars, moving, customs, immigration, residency requirements, lawyers, doctors whatever your needs may be, we will be more than happy to assist in obtaining accurate information, in a timely manner.

Aliter Corporation offers all types of property on its website: We have rentals and sales that are available for all sectors: commercial space for retail outlets, warehousing, industrial, land development, pre-planned communities, single family homes, condos, townhouses, and apartments. With well over 200 listings, in all areas of Costa Rica, and our database and reputation of working with other brokers, we have to capability to find whatever your needs are. We do not partake in net listings, as is customary with some brokers here. This enables us to maintain fair pricing as our earnings are based on a contractual obligation that we have in place with the owners that we work with. Aliter Corporation is fully licensed by the Costa Rica's Call CenterBR, our license number is 1174, under the name of Edward Fridovich. We are affiliated with as well, which helps us to maintain a presence in the USA and Douglas Elliman Realty in New York City. Our website receives an enormous amount of traffic worldwide, which is certified by Alexa and on the face of the site. Alexa is an independent company that measures traffic rankings of websites worldwide.

We pride ourselves on our ethical practices, and are working with CINDE (The Costa Rican Investment Board) assisting people and businesses that are interested in establishing an economic investment and presence in Costa Rica. We believe that we represent and practice the same ideals and mission as CINDE, and strive to extend these standards to our clients.

Administration of Residential Condominiums and Home Owner Associations

Complete administration of the condominium or Home Owner Association, which includes:

• Maintenance of facilities, • Cleaning, • Vigilance, • Design of general administration budgets, • Collection of maintenance fees, • Accounting, • Presentation of monthly reports, • Calling and organizing meetings of condominium owners and Home Owner’s • Fulfilling legal formalities, among others.

Living in Costa Rica has a myriad of advantages, but it also bears some problems and limitations. The idea is to optimize the correct operation, striving for ideal harmony among persons living within the condominiums or HOA’s.

What Services do Professional Managers Typically Provide?

Professional managers offer a wide variety of services to HOAs including accounting, budgeting, record keeping, assessment collection, bill payment, meeting coordination, and common area maintenance.

• Associations choose from among the services available, and enter into a contract with the manager describing the scope of work. • The management contract should also include the fee, the duration of management agreement, and the circumstances under which the arrangement can be terminated early. • Some governing documents limit the duration of management agreements, or require specific early termination provisions. • While the law allows almost any association function to be delegated to a professional manager, most governing documents list certain association functions that cannot be delegated. • Non-delegable functions typically include borrowing money, levying assessments, making capital expenditures in excess of budgeted amounts, and imposing discipline for violation of governing documents. • Regardless of what functions are delegated and regardless of the content of the management agreement, the Board retains the duty to supervise the manager and the authority to override any decision.

How is a Professional Manager Selected?

The Board has the authority to select the manager and determine content of the management contract, but it may appoint a committee to make recommendations. Managers of HOAs are not required to be licensed but must provide extensive disclosures to the association.

Aliter Corp S.A. is North American owned and operated and maintains the strictest of American ethics regarding dealings with both buyers and sellers. While some sellers may list their properties with numerous brokers, many brokers will not convey offers that they (the broker) deem undesirable. Aliter Corp S.A. believes that we have an ethical obligation to disclose all offers and let our clients make the decision to either accept or decline the received offer. Some companies claim to have exclusive listings, the reality is very few companies actually do. Aliter Corp S.A. has exclusive listings and also lists properties that are publicly listed. Aliter Corp S.A. however will not list on its site publicly listed properties that it considers to be overpriced or deal with agents that deal in net listing practices, as there is no one MLS (multiple listing service) for Costa Rica. Please check this page frequently as it will be updated to contain properties that we consider worthwhile investments.

Can foreigners’ own real estate in Costa Rica?

Real Estate may be owned either by an individual or in the name of a Costa Rican Corporation (S.A.). Costa Rican Corporations are permitted to have limited partnerships with North American or European companies.

All laws, real estate or otherwise, apply equally to citizens, foreigners or companies.

Costa Rica has a superb system of titled land, with titles inscribed in a Central Registry, plus guaranteed title is available through Stewart Title from the USA. There are many rules and regulations that Aliter Corp S.A. can assist you with pertaining to coastal properties.

1.) Any encumbrance or lien that affects the title, must be inscribed in the Official Registration Book. 2.) When an inscribed title is "free of encumbrance", any claim not registered prior to the sale is invalid.

TITLED PROPERTY on the coast normally begins 200 meters back from the average high tide mark (A few exceptions exist on "grand-fathered titles" previously titled properties, which grants a title to within 50 meters of this mark.) This 200meter strip of land between the water and titled property is divided into two zones:

a) The first 50 meters (164 ft.) from the water is known as an "Inalienable Zone", which cannot be owned, titled or leased (construction not permitted). This is "Public Land". b) The next 150 meters are classified as the "Zona Maritimo Terrestre" (Maritime Zone), which may be used under a lease from the nearby municipality. Municipal "Use Permits" (leases), for the 150meter maritime zones, permit many types of usage, including both residential and commercial construction. Such leases are long term renewable and cost about $1 to $2 per frontage meter of property per year. (There are some exceptions to the leasing of these zones, so each case should be investigated separately.)

Costa Rica has a superb system of titled land, with titles inscribed in a Central Registry, plus guaranteed title is available through Stewart Title from the USA. There are many rules and regulations that Aliter Corp S.A. can assist you with pertaining to coastal properties.

1.) Any encumbrance or lien that affects the title, must be inscribed in the Official Registration Book. 2.) When an inscribed title is "free of encumbrance", any claim not registered prior to the sale is invalid.

PROFITABLE real estate investment opportunities are now emerging, as the rest of the world has finally discovered Costa Rica. Daily publications throughout the world praise Costa Rica’s virtues. The "Noble Peace Prize" awarded to the President in 1988, together with this country's warm and generous people and their incredible National Parks system, have contributed to overcome much of the negative press generated by events in neighboring countries. Tourists and businessmen are investing in this tiny nation, creating a boom in the real estate and tourist construction sectors while generating demand for all related services.

Aliter Corp S.A. does not list all available properties in Costa Rica. We specialize in locating what we deem “value buy properties”, we do not list overpriced properties. We recommend what we consider to be the best values for our individual client needs. Listings include both developed and undeveloped land in all tourist and residential areas, as well as commercial sites around San Jose.

Moneymaking real estate opportunities are readily available in Costa Rica, from simply renting out your beach house to small sub-development and lot splits, to complete resort developments. Aliter Corp S.A.’s expertise lies in locating under market-valued real estate in whatever area of Costa Rica our clients desire. Aliter Corp S.A. is your one stop solution as a foreigner to locating any type of property you may desire. There are times that we deal with sellers who do not offer a sales commission. We then work with the buyer on your behalf to obtain the lowest possible purchase price. A fee of the final purchase price is then charged to the buyer/client for these services.

Possible Development Options

Purchase of a Lot and Home Construction...The property becomes a potential income producer upon completion. Our company will interface with local and international agencies, renting and managing the property as desired. This strong rental demand generates continuous income due to Costa Rica's current lack of housing that are up to par (USA standards) in desirable locations.

Investor / Developer Project

This Program is designed for the investor/developer Aliter Corp S.A. will locate property for you and assist in its management and development, if so desired. We carry many sites, starting at $15.50 per M2 depending on location. We also come across property owners that are looking for first mortgages against properties that are completely secured and lien free. These types of investments usually pay double-digit interest rates and may be of interest to some private investors looking to receive a higher rate of return than conventional banking may offer.

Long - Term Property Investment

This Program is for the investor who wants to purchase relatively large tracts of land. We now have several properties for sale. For further information please contact us. Again, we can assist in all phases of development, from simply inscribing the property as a forest reserve and protecting tourist development and/or reforestation.

The above scenarios are simply guidelines. We do not recommend that you make a real estate purchase unseen, as any reputable realty company would advise. If any of our offerings are of interest you, after you have received the initial information and are interested, we strongly advise you visit Costa Rica, and inspect the properties prior to finalizing any deal.

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