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Take sales orders
Provide customer service
Provide technical support
Generate and qualify inbound leads
Process applications
Schedule appointments
Respond to and manage email
Provide live web chat support
Provide answering/messaging services
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2) How many inbound calls, emails, and/or inquiries do you
expect to outsource on a monthly basis?
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2,000 to 4,999
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Dedicated 24-hour coverage
Normal business hours coverage only
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center services?
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$2,500 - 4,999
$5,000 - 9,999
$10,000 - 19,999
$20,000 - 49,999
$50,000 - 99,999
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6) What additional call center services would you like
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Credit card processing
Regular reporting
Web-enabled stations
Product or direct mail fulfillment
Script writing
Foreign language support
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requirements you may have.